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Bad Boy Buggies XD 4x4 Electric Vehicle

Bad Boy Buggies LT

2015 Bad Boy Buggies LT

Perfect for sneaking to that perfect spot.

For those that don't need a 4WD, the LT is the only 2WD in the Bad Boy sports series lineup. Is gas a thing of the past? Think what you want about Global Warming, but alternative-powered UTV vehicles are here.

Visit our showroom to view the new 2015 Bad Boy Buggies LT model and information about available accessories and possible customization to meet your unique requirements.

Bad Boy Buggies LT

2015 Bad Boy Buggies LT Specifications


  • Motors
    • 48 volt Regenerative/Sep-ex motor
    • Front: N/A
    • Rear: 18.8 HP at Maximum Torque
  • Differentials
    • Open Differential
    • Ratio: 12.44:1
  • Tires
    • Standard: Aggressive Tread (25x10-12)
    • Optional: All-Terrain Tread (23x10.5-12)
    • Optional: Run-Flat Aggressive Tread (25x10-12)
  • Suspension
    • Front: Leaf Spring with Hydraulic Shocks
    • Rear: Leaf Spring with Hydraulic Shocks
  • Load Capacity
    • Cargo Bed: 400 LBS
    • Total Capacity (Including passengers): 1,000 LBS
    • Towing Capacity: 1,200 LBS
  • Braking
    • Rear Cable-Actuated Disc Brakes and Regenerative Braking
    • Manual Foot Parking Brake
  • Drive Train
    • Direct 2W Rear
  • Power
    • Batteries: 8-Heavy Duty Deep Cycle 6 volt Batteries
    • Charge Time: 8-10 Hours to Fully Charge (Results may vary)
  • Camouflage Patterns
    • Standard Pattern: Realtree® APG™
    • Available Pattern Upgrades: Realtree® AP™, Realtree® Max-1™, Realtree® Max-4™, Realtree® Pink AP™, Mossy Oak® Breakup®, Mossy Oak® Treestand®, Black, White, Green, Red and Blue


  • Wheelbase: 70 IN
  • Length: 112 IN
  • Width: 54 IN
  • Height: 83 IN
  • Weight: 1,534 LBS
  • Turning Diameter: 12 FT
  • Ground Clearance (Center of Frame): 15 IN
  • Ground Clearance (Under Axle): 7 IN

Standard Features:

  • Front bumper
  • Rear flip seat/cargo deck combo
  • Receiver hitch
  • Headlight/taillight package
  • Impact-resistant wide fender flares
  • Roof
  • Charger
  • 12 volt power port
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