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Used Golf Car Sales


We Work Together to Find You the Right Vehicle

We work with our customers to match their needs with the correct golf car or utility vehicle and then customize the vehicle to meet our customers' requirements.

Feel free to call us with general questions about how we can fulfill your needs and then visit our showroom to view our vehicles and discuss specifics about any modifications that may be required and prices.

Our used golf car inventory is constantly changing. View the cars shown below for examples of used golf cars that we may have in stock. If we don't have the exact model in stock, we will find a model to meet your requirements.

Used Golf Car Purchases

Customer Satisfaction and Quality.

We offer:

  • Used gas and electric cars in stock.
  • Purchase by cash or check.
  • Financing available with no down payment.

We do it all:

  • Custom paint
  • Custom interiors
  • Custom wheels
  • Welding
  • Fabrication
  • Special orders

Used Golf Car Examples

Used Golf Car - 2007 PDS
Year 2007 PDS
EZGO flip seat
Lifted car
Kendra Terra Track Tires 22"x11"x10" including polished aluminum wheels
Brush Guard BG-143-WB black powder coated tubular steel black
Rear leaf springs (heavy duty)
Customer choice of drum brake (standard) or
Disc brakes kit (optional)
The car is going to stop quicker with the disc brake kit
We install heavy duty 4/leaf springs in this type of vehicle
stock #2503996
Used Golf Car - E-Z-GO 2007 Electric PDS
E-Z-GO 2007 Electric PDS
Features Include:
New body.
Rear flip into flat bed seat
Seating Capacity: 4-person
New red/white stripe seats
Speed enhancement
* Lights/horn optional
stock #2503993
Used Golf Car - E-Z-GO 2008 Gas RXV
RXV year 2008 gas
Color: Blue
Includes roof
Has a Kawasaki engine - 13 hp.
*Note: Gas cars, especially in the NorthEast, are in short supply. We are pleased that we have some 2008, excellent condition, to offer you. Remember, they can be further customized (rear seat, utility box, lights, lifted and more.) (The car pictured has lights; the 2008s do not, but can be added as an optional accessory.) We do also have a NEW year 2010 in stock but by buying the 2008, you will save thousands.

Used Golf Car - E-Z-GO 2007 TXT
New body
New charger
New batteries
New charger plugs
New bumpers
New rocker panels
Used short roof and struts
*Note: Can be further customized with lights, rear seat or utility box, lifted and more Supply is limited (only one of each in stock)
Used Golf Car - E-Z-GO TXT
Available in model years 2007, 2008 E-Z-GO electric 36-volt systems. Thermoplastic elastomer DuraShield™ body with a canopy top. Some have new batteries. Others have good used batteries. All include tops, clean (no rips) seats, 4 good tires and the charger. Cars are all reconditioned and in top quality. Color: Champaign, Green.
Used Golf Car - 2007 E-Z-GO TXT Lifted
2007 TXT 6" Lifted GOLF CAR
Sun Burst Orange
2010 batteries
17 mph
recessed lights/horn
new body
new seat covers
lift kit
Kendra 22x11x10 tires
4 spoke aluminum rims
shock boots
aluminum diamond skid plate
aluminum diamond kick plate
chrome steering shaft cover
rear flip seat
roof & chrome ½ windshield
12 volt power outlet
fender flares
stock #2495623
Used Golf Car - Refurbished Black Body
New black body
Steering shaft cover
Steering wheel cover
Rear bumper
1/2 windshield
Diamond skid plate
Under seat storage tray
stock #2181135
Used Golf Car - Plow Used Golf Car - Plow Used Golf Car - Plow Used Golf Car - Plow
2006 E-Z-GO gas

Used Golf Car - Plow Used Golf Car - Plow
Any car could be customized for your requirements.
This one was created for a parking garage with
yellow strobe light, roof, windshield, canvas enclosure with doors, plow, aluminum diamond box, recessed lights, and horn.

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