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Golf Car Accessories

Accessorize Your Golf Car for Fun or Function

Quality Accessories & Customization

Customers have specific needs that we can fill with the right accessories and other customers just want to have fun with their rides.

Whether you are looking for accessories for a golf car or utility vehicle you just purchased from us or a vehicle you already own, we will work with you to find the correct accessories to fulfill your requirements.

Golf Car & Utility Vehicle Accessories

Accessories - Light Bar

Light Bar

The Freedom Light Bar Assembly provides heightened visibility to and from vehicles with a single light assembly. Illuminate the direct and peripheral sight areas while traveling in your vehicle during the night or through areas with reduced lighting or low visibility.

Please Note: Recommended use of DC/DC Converter Kit with 6V & 12V batteries, and mandatory use with 8V batteries to help prevent premature battery failure. This light bar fits the following models: 1994-current E-Z-GO TXT, Medalist, 2/4/6-Passenger Shuttle, ST Express, Shuttle 950, Workhorse 800, 1000 & 1200, Refresher, Refresher 1200 Beverage Cars, Cushman 280, 2100 & 2200 Commanders, 800 Industrial Car, and the Jacobsen 1110 Haulers.

Accessories - Off Road Lights

Off-Road Headlights

Light up the trail with four 55-watt halogen bulbs. Universal product, fits most golf car roofs.

Please Note: Recommended use of DC/DC Converter Kit with 6V & 12V batteries, and mandatory use with 8V batteries to help prevent premature battery failure.

Accessories - Twin Lights

Twin Headlight, Tail Light, & Horn Package

Light package includes two glass adjustable halogen headlights, a 12V horn and tail lights.

Please Note: Recommended use of DC/DC Converter Kit with 6V & 12V batteries, and mandatory use with 8V batteries to help prevent premature battery failure.

Accessories - Recessed Lights

Recessed Light Package

For Ezgo TXT & RXV models only. Our recessed headlight, tail light horn package gives your golf car an entirely new look! The lights are cut directly into the body.

Please Note: Recommended use of DC/DC Converter Kit with 6V & 12V batteries, and mandatory use with 8V batteries to help prevent premature battery failure.

Accessories - Recessed Lights
Accessories - Rear Flip Seat

Accessories - Rear Flip Seat

Rear Flip Seat

Double the ride, double the fun and increase the passenger or carriage space of your vehicle! The E-Z-GO Convertible Rear (Flip) Seat Assembly with Frame allows you to easily convert your 2-Passenger vehicle into a 4-Passenger vehicle while also providing a fold-down seat/flat-bed feature that allows room for transporting various items. The Oyster or Tan color provides a neutral, yet classic tone that complements many golf cart paint exteriors. Seat skin color matches OEM seat skin color.

Please Note: We recommend upgrading your rear stock leaf spring suspension to heavy duty leaf springs.

Accessories - Rear Flip Seat
Accessories - Seat Skins

Seat Skins

Give your car a brand-new look with a color combination that turns heads. We offer many different color combinations to rejuvenate the look of your car. All installation is done in house!

Accessories - Seat Cover Skins
Accessories - Seat Covers
Accessories - 80 Inch Roof

80" Roofs for TXT, ST & Express

E-Z-GO Sun Tops are an ideal accessory to install on your vehicle for added comfort, and to provide a canopy that offers coverage to vehicle occupants from the sun and weather conditions- plus they just look really good and add a stylish appeal to the vehicle! Our roofs are OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) accessories manufactured from durable, quality materials that are weather and stain-resistant, and withstand the test of time. The 80" sun top is best installed on vehicles that accommodate a minimum of 4 passengers. Available in White, Tan, & Black. Other colors are available by request.

Accessories - Aluminum Box

Aluminum Box

Made from 0.090 inch Aluminum Construction this easily installed box has approximately 9000 cubic inches capacity with a recommended load weight of 150 lbs.

Please Note: We recommend upgrading your rear stock leaf spring suspension to heavy duty leaf springs.

Accessories - Galvanized Utility Box

Galvanized Utility Box

Galvanized utility box - 40" x 35" x 9" deep.

Accessories - Polyethylene Utility Box

Polyethylene Utility Box

High-density polyethylene utility box - 37" x 27" x 10" deep.

Accessories - Wheel Lock

Wheel Lock

Tire & Wheel Lock with Keys is used on E-Z-GO Electric & Gas Vehicles and is compatible for using on ATV's and other manufacturers' vehicles. This item offers a safe method for protecting your golf car and keeping the wheels in place so that vehicle remains stationary.

Please note: There are no replacement keys available. All keys are uniquely keyed by the manufacturer.

Accessories - Wheel Lock
Accessories - Storage Covers

Universal Storage Covers

The snug, custom fit gives your car full protection from wind, rain and other elements. Installs in minutes, with no tools or drilling required. Works with two & four passenger cars, & utility vehicles with or without windshields. Color availability in Tan or White.

Accessories - Universal Storage Covers

Accessories - Curtis Cab

Curtis Cab

Curtis StreetPro Cab Systems are the world's finest golf cart enclosures. These hard-sided enclosures with hard-sided doors allow you to quickly upgrade your gas or electric vehicle and dramatically extend the use of a golf car for private and industrial use through a variety of seasons and weather conditions.

Accessories - Enclosure

DoorWorks Enclosures

DoorWorks enclosures features a metal framed enclosure that utilizes the existing roof supports of your current E-Z-GO TXT, Medalist, ST & Express 2 or 4 Passenger & Utility Vehicles. No drilling is required! It has hinged doors that allows you to easily enter and exit your golf cart. These doors can be locked in the open position if the weather conditions get better while you are out, or can be completely removed in the event you don't need them. The frame is covered with Vinyl in your choice of Green, Beige, Red, Blue, Gray, and White. This enclosure has the option of a straight back panel to accommodate any after market add-ons such as rear seat kit, or truck bed. This enclosure comes with a 3-year limited manufacturers warranty.

Accessories - Enclosure Examples

Accessories - Enclosure Examples

Enclosure Examples

Examples of enclosures and fold-down windshields for various size cars.

Accessories - Enclosure Examples
Accessories - Enclosure Examples

Accessories - Enclosure Examples
Accessories - Radios

Accessories - Radios

Accessories - Radios


Again, we're setting the standard for Golf Cart Audio Systems! No more rattling, generic appearance or "tinny sound". No more trying to find a high quality receiver and speakers, installing them, wiring them and then stuffing towels around the console so that it doesn't rattle and shake! Our radios eliminate all of that. From its sleek appearance, unique mounting system, quality construction, soldered connections, amazing sound and high quality components, the Pro Series™ will complement the look of any golf car.


  • The Pro Series™ has an MDF cabinet which brings true home quality stereo sound to your golf cart and it's coated with a heated textured polyurea/polyurethane spray application and is formulated to have a balance of outstanding heat, impact and weather resistance.
  • All internal connections are soldered, not crimped, for superior connectivity.
  • Am/Fm/CD/Mp3 player with Detachable Face and a Front Panel USB Connection for your iPOD or other Mp3 music players.
  • The Receiver is "suspended in air" with L-Brackets so that the radio does not touch the inside of the cabinet to eliminate rattling.
  • Kicker CS5 series 5¼ inch Coax Speakers.
  • Internal Marine Grade Antenna for great reception.
  • External fuse for easy fuse replacement.
  • 2- RCA Type output jacks for optional right and left rear speakers.
  • The Console and Mounting Brackets have a 3-Year Warranty and all Electronic components are covered by our 1-Year limited warranty.
  • Dimensions: 8½" D x 21" W x 3¾" H.
Accessories - Wink Mirror

5 Panel Wink Mirror

A must have for any golf car owner, the 5-Panel Wink Mirror will not let you down in the heightened, rear panoramic views it provides while driving your E-Z-GO Vehicle or personal ATV. The multi-paneled mirrors increase rear visibility much more than standard rear-view mirrors. The increased visibility expands your range of view to what's behind your vehicle, thus adding to a safer ride.

Please Note: This item should be installed on gas and electric vehicles with a roof.

Accessories - Wink Mirror
Accessories - Trailer Hitch

Trailer Hitch

E-Z-GO Vehicles are built for the long haul and short hauls too! Whatever you need to tow, and wherever you need to tow it- this Rear Hitch Receiver will get the job done. This hitch receiver is used on 1996-current E-Z-GO Gas & Electric TXT, RXV, ST, MPT (Multi-Purpose Truck) and Workhorse Models and allows you to attach a trailer behind your vehicle.

Accessories - Tram


Turn your 2 or 4 passenger golf car into a 6 or 8 passenger - fits onto most golf cars. Tram attaches to any 2 or 4 passenger golf car. Great for special functions; i.e., weddings & family outings.

$2,995 for the diamond plated steel to purchase or available for rent (call for rental price quote).

Accessories - Underseat Storage Tray

Under-Seat Storage Tray

Under seat storage tray for E-Z-GO Medalist, TXT, & Utility Vehicles.

Accessories - Snow Plowing

Accessories - Snow Plows

Snow Plowing

48", 54", 60" Snow Plows available. Has Electric Lift with remote control that easily lifts plow up and down. We recommend you have us install an enclosure for your golf car so you can plow in comfort. We also have installed heaters for these vehicles.

See one of our snow plows
in action in the video below.

Accessories - Snow Plow

Other Available Parts and Accessories

  • Hard top canopy installed.
  • Headlights & taillights installed.
  • Passenger conversion (seats 2 to 3 people in the rear).
  • 6-volt batteries.
  • Wheel & tire assembly
  • Storage covers.
  • Enclosures.
  • Windshield Lucite.
  • Security transportation at a business complex.
  • Fold-down windshields: Extrusions snap on to the windshield's front supports to hold the windshield securely when in the folded down position. With a simple turn of the unbreakable top latch, you can lower the windshield to the down position or secure it in the up position.
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