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Bad Boy Buggies XD 4x4 Electric Vehicle

New Bad Boy Buggies Utility Vehicle Sales

"They'll Never Hear You Coming."


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Authorized Bad Boy Buggies Dealer

Customer Satisfaction and Quality.

Bad Boy Buggies Utility Vehicles Dealer

As an authorized Bad Boy Buggies dealer, E W Gardner Golf Cars LLC is proud to offer our valued customers the finest utility vehicles in the industry.

From the Bad Boy Buggies website:

"In 2003, Bubba Kaiser and Joe Palermo built the first Bad Boy Buggy and changed the outdoor industry forever. The two men invented the dual-motor, fully electric 4x4 vehicle, a machine that combined unparalleled off-road ability with quiet, emissions-free operation - the ideal hunting vehicle.

After building the first Bad Boy Buggies from golf cars rebuilt with sophisticated independent suspension systems and high-torque drivetrains, the two men designed their own chassis and began building new vehicles from the ground up. Word-of-mouth spread about Kaiser and Palermo's game-changing technology, and their initial success attracted new investors to the ownership team. In 2003, the expanding business set up shop on the port along the Mississippi River in Natchez, Miss., and a powerful marketing campaign soon introduced the phenomenon of the Bad Boy Buggy to the world at large."

New Utility Vehicle Purchases

We Work Together to Find You the Right Vehicle

New Utility Vehicle Purchases

We work with our customers to match their needs with the correct utility vehicle and then customize the vehicle to meet our customers' requirements.

Feel free to call us with general questions about how we can fulfill your needs and then visit our showroom to view our vehicles and discuss specifics about any modifications that may be required and prices.

We offer:

  • Gas and electric vehicles in stock.
  • Purchase by cash or check.
  • Commercial leasing on new cars.
  • Financing with no down payment.
  • Interest free for 6 months on new vehicles.

We do it all:

  • Custom paint
  • Custom interiors
  • Custom wheels
  • Welding
  • Fabrication
  • Special orders

Photos of Bad Boy Buggies Utility Vehicles

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